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Gift Box Appeal 2017

... 100,900 Boxes were sent from Switzerland (including our contribution of 2306 Gift Boxes for children), transported on 33 articulated trucks to 7 countries in Eastern Europe...

... All achieved by your generosity . Please continue to support this appeal.

Dear Friends

I am thrilled to tell you how exceptionally well we did collecting 2306 boxes in 2017 that was 100 more than the previous years, the majority of our boxes went to Moldova and the rest to Ukraine and Belarus.

 Over all the Mission transported more than 100,900 boxes for children and adults living in Eastern Europe, this is the highest number of boxes ever collected! 

I am very pleased we were able to help in achieving this amazing number, Well done Everyone.

Please do keep looking on the web site as once we receive more stories and photos they will be posted on the site.

Thank you

A story from Moldova

Three months before Christmas, Natalia's husband died. Their children, Beatrice, 10 years old, and Alexei, a year and a half, do not yet really realize their father will never come back again. Natalia also misses her husband terribly. 

She does not want for the time being to work full time, preferring to spend as much time as possible with her children helping them in their grief. Thus, the family are now living with Natalia's mother on her pension and about 45 francs of family allowance. This amount is just enough to live on but not to buy Christmas gifts!

As soon as the boxes from Switzerland have been opened, Natalia said, we have never in our lives received such beautiful gifts! Naturally my children will especially enjoy the sweets. In my package, there are some beautiful and very useful things. I shall particularly enjoy the shampoo, soap and of course everything that is food. For us, this is a huge support. It feels good to realize that there are people who care about us and deprive themselves of things to help us.

Our thank you to everyone who has prepared a package or helped with transportation and distribution. This is the event that gave us the most joy, this year!