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For over 26 years we have tried to help children in Eastern Europe with a Gift Box. Last year, 2022, we sent over 2615 boxes full of love!

We would like to thank you on behalf of them!

We will continue making Gift Boxes to the needy children, especially in Ukraine and in Moldova

Due to the continuing war so many more children are living in fear, poverty and without parents or family. A Gift Box is not much, but it does bring hope and happiness to a sad child letting them know somebody cares about them.

Please help us in any way you can, with a monetary donation or items from the list. Your donation will make a big difference to the number of children we can help smile and laugh again.

Next collection 21.november 2023.

Thank you for helping these children.



Tyrrian and her team



"We have recently been featured on World Radio Switzerland!"
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