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Stories from the Gift Box distribution January 2014

Sarah wary of strangers Bulgaria

Sarah lives on the outskirts of a small Bulgarian village in an old iron railway carriage with her two small children . Home to them is one small room with a leaking roof and broken windows, it's impossible to heat . Very wary of the strangers bringing gifts Sara is soon amazed that people so far away as Switzerland  could have thought about her and her children. The gifts bring  joy and warmth to their little home. They  will always bring memories of the people far away who thought about them and  gave them hope for the future. 

1 Bulgarie, maman avec paquets(1).jpg
1 Bulgarie, une maman heureuse(1).jpg

Alexandra tells of her families happiness  in Moldavia

Alexandra, aged 18, the oldest of six from Balti, Moldavia, said: "I ​​can hardly describe the joy of our family when we  receive the Christmas packages, my siblings were swimming in happiness. I gave them my toys but ate  the chocolate , Oh how wonderful the Swiss chocolate was". Her father had just lost his job he earned just 70CHF per month half of which paid the rent . Now his youngest brother Ivan  just three weeks old is already helping to support the family! For the coming eighteen months this struggling family will receive an extra 20CHF for the baby, a big help. When little Katja saw the toiletries she cried with joy "Mama, look at these you won't need to buy any for a while". The children were so proud and excited to show their school friends the school items  having never before had new coloured pencils or school writing books pens or pencils. What happiness  and help the boxes have brought to this family.

2 Moldavie, Katja et Vasili.jpg
2 Moldavie, Alexandra avec sa

Valentina  so happy in Moldavia with our gifts.

1 Moldawien, Valentina und Kinder.jpg

In Moldavia Valentina's family whom receive three time a year food  packages, potatoes and clothing were so happy  to receive their gifts. Young Sergei remarked, "Mama, foreign people who do not know us at all and who live far from here are so good. Just look at what great happiness they brought into our home."  His sister exclaimed, " I am the happiest because it is I who has the greatest gift! " Aside from the toys and school stuff, she had received a huge chocolate bar!  Alexander, seven years old had received exactly what boys his age prefer: cars, lots of small cars. Valentina said  with so much sadness  we have never been able to offer treats like these to our children, to see their happiness is wonderful ! They all wanted to say  "A big thank you, you brought happiness to our family. We are very grateful. "

1 Moldawien, Alexander.jpg
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