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Dear  Everyone

Attached are a number of photos of our Gift Boxes being distributed at a day centre in the village of Tintareni, near to Chisinau, the capital of Moldova.

All these boxes came from the participating schools and friends of the Gift Box Appeal in the Geneva/Vaud area. If you look closely, you may even spot your box as one of the 1469 boxes we sent to Moldova! 

A short history of the day centre: 2

In autumn 2000 pastor Illie Coada started a day-care for the underprivileged children in his village (schoolchildren up to 5th grade).


About 50 children go to this centre every day after school. There they get a hot meal, help with their homework andcan take courses such as Computer, English, handicrafts as well as simplyplaying together.

Many of the children come from families where parents are working abroad or single parent families,  others from families subject to alcohol abuseor dire poverty caused by illness or unemployment. 

The day care centre gives these children living in difficult situations a structure to their lives and the helping support that a child would normally get from his family as well as the help they need to succeed at school, and in life.

The pictures show the 5th graders, the younger children having already received their presents. As this was a special day for them, with a party and celebration, they had all come in their best clothes. Since our clothes collections also help these familiesthere is every chance some of their clothes may have been donated by you!

Pastor Illie Coada joins me in sending you warm greetings for the New Year and extending our heartfelt thanks all of you for the Gift Boxes and clothing you donated to help these children, their families and so many others like them. 

Thank you and best wishes 

Tyrrian Livesley

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