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Your Gift Boxes brought happiness to these little girls in Moldova. Vera and her two sisters live in a small village in Moldova. The family of five lives in a dilapidated cabin without a bathroom, and all sleep together in two beds in one room.  There is little work and most people have left for opportunities elsewhere.  The parents are farm workers but their
mother recently lost her job at the dairy and the family slipped into debt before falling into poverty. 

Out of desperation and sick with worry, the parents started drinking and found themselves unable to provide full care for the children.  Fortunately, the two older girls can attend a day centre after school which provides a meal before they return home.  Both older girls take a little of their dinner home every day to give it to Catalina, who is still too young to be admitted to the day structure. 


The girls receive their gifts with enthusiasm and delight.  Vera, a six- year-old girl, is thrilled and excited to find a Barbie doll, and for her little sister Catalina too! There are sweets and cookies and even a warm cap for the bitter winter months.  


Catalina squeezes the pencils and paper, hardly able to believe they are for her.  Finally, she will be able to draw as much as she wants. Meanwhile, Vera continues to chat cheerfully: "This is one of the best days of my life! For the very first time, my sisters and I receive a Christmas package!"

We have never seen such expensive treats before, they are beyond the reach of our parents. Never has someone offered us such beautiful things”.

The girls' mother stands in amazement, so grateful for the school materials, toiletries and chocolate. "Life here has become difficult" she explains. “Thank you for the Christmas packages – they bring enormous joy and hope to our family”.

Thank you 

Tyrrian and the team

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