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 I and my friends/team make endless boxes hoping to bring joy and happiness to lots of children who have so very little. 

We all wonder who will get our boxes, just like I am sure you do, is it a boy or girl, where do they live but we never know. So many boxes so many families.

 This year I got a big shock when I watched Kathrin's presentation there was one of our boxes!  A box we had made in the cave with items I had bought, your donations and new gloves I knew Cyril had donated.

I could not believe it, one of our boxes. Out of over 55,000 boxes distributed in Moldova with a photo of the boy who received our box got back to us! 

Yes we got to see the little boy with a broad smile and wearing his very precious gloves. We did not know what to do smile, laugh or cry with joy at seeing how happy he was. An amazing feeling crept over us all and a few tears. I hope one day you will get the same feeling.

Knowing your box has helped another child be so happy, should make you feel happy as well.

Remember "One more box is one more happy child" you can do that! 

Thank you 

Tyrrian and the team

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AWP Doina with Camelia, 5 and Vlad,
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