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Who are we asking you to help?

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Over the last 26 years we have been collecting gift boxes for children in Eastern Europe who are living below the poverty line. The boxes give these children pleasure and joy and bring a smile and a sparkle to their eyes. These children so often live in terrible conditions: squalor, little heating, limited water or no electricity and very little food.

Children such as the little girl found aged 4 who could not speak but could bark! Why? Because she had lived in the dog’s kennel, uncared for and unwanted, never speaking, her only comfort the dog.

The toddler who lived with the chickens, abandoned by her parents!

Children who need to live in their hats, gloves, coats and boots at home. Why? Because there is no heating and they live in sub -zero temperatures.

Children who suffer physical and mental abuse, others with abusive/alcoholic parents or are simply not wanted.

​ ​

Children living in orphanages because their parents are incapable of looking after them or have just vanished.

Families who live on less than CHF 250 a month.

Children living on the streets.


Children with parents who have left to work in other countries, never to return, and many left alone or with elderly relations.

This appeal is not just for you to make the gift box, it is for you to help your child to understand that giving is important and that we should not expect something in return. We want them to enjoy making a gift box to understand that by offering the box, including maybe a toy that they enjoyed, they will be giving pleasure to another child and helping them.

Please help this appeal knowing that every gift box we send is another smiling face. Let us all be happy in the knowledge that our gift has brought happiness to a child in need. 


​If you would like to donate to the Gift Boxes the "Donation" page can help you with options. 


Thank you.

Tyrrian and her team

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