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DEADLINE for the upcoming collection DROP OFF is 20th November 2020!

Please make your box for one child, 6 bottle wine cartons are perfect not too big or heavy. If you have a school bag this makes the perfect "Box", so useful to the child for school.

Make as many boxes as you wish but each must be for only one child, no shared boxes please.

Boxes should be unisex therefore appropriate for all children - boys or girls aged 4-14 year.

Once completed with the required items as per the list and customs label below seal the box and gift wrap, print out the customs label or copy paste it and attach to the wrapped box .

Please also attach a reusable bag for the child to carry their box home in. Remember a small child should be able to carry the box, if your child can't carry it neither will they. The reusable shopping bag makes it easier for the children to carry the boxes, many  children walk over an hour down rough tracks to get home.

Should you wish to use a school bag / backpack  much better than a carton. Please wrap the bag using plastic, or Clingfilm (paper rips too easily) round the bag holding the straps tightly to the bag and covering the opening catches; this will stop straps getting tangled in transport and makes the bag safer. Do please still attached the customs label.

Making a gift box is so easy!

Below you will find the customs label to be attached to your gift box, it is also your reference list of box requirements.

Boxes do not have to be expensive by using own brands and budge range items all 4 toiletries can cost less than 4CHF the  price of a branded shampoo.

Own brand products can also be bought for school supplies and sweets,. i.e. a 1 Euro school book is just as good as one costing 5 Euros, just as a 70c tube of toothpaste is as good as a 4CHF one etc.

Each box or school bag should contain the items listed below:

School Supplies

Boxes must contain school supplies!

Why? Because these are not supplied by the schools there. Therefore parents are required to provide them by themselves. If they don't have money to buy food they can't afford school supplies . Result child does not go to school. 

Must include:

  • writing pens & pencils (about 4 of each)

  • 1 set of coloured drawing pencils/felt tips

  • 2 school exercise books (about 50 pages each)

  • pencil sharpener

  • eraser


Have to last several months.

These do not need to be expensive as stated above i.e. the 4 items, toothbrushes, toothpaste, soap and shampoo can all be bought for around CHF 4 using Migros, Budget or other supermarket's own brands.

Must include:

  • Tooth brush (in original packing)

  • Tooth paste (a large tube please)

  • Soap (wrapped in foil)

  • shampoo or shower gel (sealed with scotch tape against leaking)

Sweets & biscuits

Again budget line is fine. 

No homemade food please due to possible customs problems! Please no nuts or liquids. 

All food must have a sell by date no earlier than April 2021

Must include:

  • 2 Bars of chocolate 

  • 250 grams of other candy (if mint flavoured please wrap in foil)

  • A box of biscuits or additional packages of individually wrapped biscuits (Twix, KitKat, Prince, etc)


Please include toys for both Boys and Girls. 


No war toys, books, toys needing written instructions or those needing batteries please (families unable to replace the batteries due to cost)!

Must include for example:

  • 3 or 4 small toys & soft toy (5-14 years)

  • Ideas: cars, dolls, bubbles, Lego, toy animals, skipping ropes games, puzzles, bouncy balls (clean tennis balls work fine) etc.

  • These must be toys for boys and girls, think cars also think dolls!

Clothing Optional

Only hats, gloves, scarves and new socks, other clothes can be donated to a clothes collection.

!Please note - Unfortunately we can't accept the following items!

  • Money

  • Medication

  • Toys with batteries

  • War toys, guns, knives

  • Board games, playing cards, books (language problems)

  • Opened food items, expiry date (min 6 months)

  • Home made foods

  • Used, damaged, old, dirty items

  • Clothes (except hats, gloves, scarves and new socks)

  • Boxes for families, babies, homes or extra large boxes (boxes should be approx size of a 6 bottle wine carton)

  • Please do not put your address or photos of your homes in the boxes

Customs Label

Due to increasing problems with the customs, a customs label must be attached to the outside of each wrapped box.

Please print or copy paste customs label, you can find it under Customs Label Box.


Please tick off the items you have put in the box. 

For drop-off points please email giftboxappeal@gmail.com nearer the time for further information.

They will also be on our FB page Gift Box Supporters Geneva and website in November.

Thank you for helping the collection and making a needy child very happy!