Distribution 2021

In 2021 we collected 3615 Gifts for Children in need!
Thanks to the help of schools and many individuals you like you we have made so many children happy. There were certainly many smiling faces seen in the photos we have received, as the children opened their box or schoolbag.
We have so many people to thank for making 2021 the most successful collection to date.
We are grateful to the community of Founex that provided us a great space for making the boxes and storing them during packing; To The young people that choose the Gift Box Project as part of their CAS and came to make up hundreds of pencil cases and pack hundreds of boxes; To all the businesses that donated us bags, hats and scarves, and other large stocks of items we could pack into the 945 boxes we made; To those that knitted and sewed hundred of dolls clothes as well as hats and scarves for the children; To those that bagged hundred of plastic toys, counted puzzles, collected toys; To Charu who gave us a room for the year for storing and sorting in; And to all of those that donated money and held fundraising events that enables us to buy the sweets, stationary and toiletries needed to complete the boxes.
Our biggest thanks this year goes out to Tyrrian, who has for many many years been an amazing and inspiring leader of the Gift Box Project here in Vaud/Geneva area. As the project grows with each passing year Tyrrian has gathered a group of willing volunteers to help her fill the many roles of organisation the project requires. She will always be part of the appeal and it’s with her wisdom and knowledge it is able to continue.
We hope that you will be able to continue to support the appeal this year 2022 as we start already to collect items for boxing and raise funds for all the new material we need.
You may follow us on our Facebook page to receive updates about the project for 2022 as well as dates for clothes collections at:
THANK YOU One and All for making dreams come true.

From all of us at the Gift Box Project

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AWP UA Genja
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AWP UA Svetlana - Serghei - Ecaterina
AWP UA Svetlana - Ecaterina
AWP UA Ecaterina
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